EG 866 People Counter

Counter Features

  • Battery powered, easy to install (6 months battery life with continuous operation)
  • Detection Range upto to 6 metres
  • Sensors can detect from front or side for greater mounting flexability
  • LCD with 5 digit display. Displays upto 99999
  • USB connector with wireless reciever and software for data management (optional)
  • Wireless transmitter booster for long distance transmission upto 20m (optional)

Smart Management Features

  • Statistics analysis on a Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis
  • Data can be viewed in Chart or Table format
  • Data can be exported to Excel or saved as a JPEG image                                                                           
  • Can log multiple people counters                                                                                                            
  • Multiple user access with password protection


people counter_308x200people counter 292x200 

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